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Posted by Marilyn Barbera on 05 AUG 2004 12:03:46

on August 05, 2004 at 12:03:46:

Hi Stanley: Chris Caravella found the death certificate of one of Anna's brothers, Domenico Bertucci at the library in N.O. He did not find Francesco, but I'm sure I saw it in the records in Baton Rouge:
Note the misspelling of Ustica (Austria) and Najolia (Najore).We know that Anna nursed them until they died of yellow fever, therefore, she was in New Orleans in 1867. We also know from the It alian Brig Catarina ship list that her siblings arrived in N.O. on April 1 1867. Frances Omner (Gumina) Scoles whose mother was Rosa Ingargiola, told me they were only here a few months when they died.(Records show that another Bertucci, an older man who also was on the same ship, died at approsimately the same time of yellow fever and the record says he was in N.O. 7 months)Christopher's bro ther, Antonino and wife Nunzia Bertucci and a male baby were on the same ship. The record says:
1867, Oct 12, Vol 41 page 326. Christopher Najore, a native of Austria residing on the corner of Melpomene and Dryades (First District in this city) who hereby declares that Domenico Bertucci, a native of Italy, aged 22 years, died on the 11th instant in the present year (11th Oct. 1867) at 3 o'cloc k pm at his aforesaid residence in this city. Ciao, Marilyn

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