Re: Bertucci/Ingargiola 1860's Arrival in New Orleans (RE:Stanley Najolia)

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Posted by Marilyn Barbera on 07 JUL 2004 23:51:19

Stanley: See my message of 7/07/04, Re: Port Closing Correction and Search for Francesca Gumina, La Greca, and Anna Ingargiola.The only reel with ship passengers during the 1860's that I did not find at the library was from 7 Mar 1865 to 1 April 1866. According to Chris Caravella the port reopened 7 Mar 1865. This may be when they arrived. If you or anyone reading this message goes to the Jeffe rson Parish or the New Orleans Library, would you let me know if the reel is there?Thanks.

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