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Posted by Larie Tedesco on 23 MAY 2001 00:00:27

Maria Christina is in this web site.Go to Zimmerman in the America chart and click on Maria Christina his wife and it will show her family.
There is a Carlo Christina grave in Greenwood Cemetery on Cedar Street close to Canal Blvd.
These are the people buried there:
Mary Larosa wife of Carlo Christina died April23, 1923 age 48
Arthur F. Zimmerman husband of Marie Christ ina June 22, 1925 45 years
Mike Lala husband of Lena Christina Born Jan 31, 1871 died Sept 10, 1927
Carlo Christina husband of Mary Barbara born 5/18/1865 - died 12/16/1927
Joseph Eccles husband of Virginia Christina died 3/20/1937 age 45years
Anthony Christina husband of Cecile Schiro born 7/16/1894 - 4/29/1942
Marie Christina wife of Arthur F. Zimmerman July 12, 1892 di ed Jan 20,1952
Virginia C. Eccles 1889-1956
Drue Vitter 1915-1963
Emery J. Lattimer 1912-1976
Lena C. Galanti Died 7/8/1958
Cecile Christina 1898-1965
No ra Z. Gleber 1913-1969
Ben F. Zimmerman 1920-1973
Virginia C. Vitter 1915-1980
Charles J. Gleber1913-1982

There may be a couple of more people in there but I copied this in the 80's and they are not listed on this sheet.

Joseph Eccl

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