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Posted by Marilyn Barbera on 13 APR 2004 14:56:27

Anna Bertucci's (b. 1828) brother, Peitro Bertucci b. 1813, m to Rosalia Palmisano is Peter Bertucci's gg grandfather. Another brother Antonino b.1818-20, m to Maria Conchetta Rando b. 1821 is my gg grandfather. The other siblings of Anna that I found are: Rosalia m 1842 to Felix DiSimone & Maria m 1841 to Francesco Palmisano. (this Francesco Palmisano's sister Rosalia m. to Pietro Bertucci b 18 13, above) Their parents were Francesco Bertucci born 1784-85 and Anna Basile, born 1790-91. Parents of Francesco are Pietro Bertucci and Rosa Calderaro.
There is a possibility that part of the reason that they left may have been the fear of the Yellow fever epidemics, one of which took the lives of her 2 nephews who were the sons of her brother Antonino and his wife Marie Conchetta Rando. T heir names were Domineco and Francesco who arrived right after the civil war (1866-67)and were sent here to avoid them being killed in the military in Italy.It was a time of political unrest after the Unification of Italy.They were here only a few months when they died of Yellow Fever. The Bertucci family was devastated. My grandfather Antonino and his brother Guissepe survived the epidemic. Their mother Marie Conchetta Rando Bertucci had planned to follow them to New Orleans (the four boys lived here with their sister Anna Bertucci, m. to Christopher Ingargiolia.) When word was received in Ustica that Anna's sons died, she never wanted to see America, and cancelled her plans to join the rest of her children here in New Orleans. That time frame seems to coincide with the year that Anna and Salvadore Palmisano went back to Ustica.This is only a theory that may have contributed to the reason why they left.
By the way the Bertucci family originated in Rome. Your ggg grandmother Ann a Bertucci Palmisano is probably a descendent of an Antonino Bertucci who came from Rome in 1428 to serve under King Frederick as a Baron in Sicily.
This is written under a coat of arms that Peter B ertucci copied in Ustica on one of his trips.YMost Bertucci immigrants came to New Orleans, and bought lots of land. They continued being land owners.

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