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Posted by Marilyn Barbera on 22 SEP 2004 00:02:10

First:Are you asking "Who started the St. Bartholowmew
Society" in New Orleans, and when was it started?
Chris Caravella could answer that question.
Secondly: Are you asking if Anna Bertucci who was born in 1843 and who was married to Christopher Ingargiola is related to the current president of the St. Bartholomew Society, Peter, Bertucci? If this is your question, the answer is yes, th ey are related because they share the same ancestor, Francesco Bertucci, born abt. 1785 and who was married to Anna Basile. According to my analysis, I believe that Francesco Bertucci (born abt. 1785) is the great great grandfather of Peter Bertucci, the current president of the St. Bartholomew Society in New Orleans.
Francesco Bertucci was the grandfather of Anna Bertucci Ingargiola. Francesc o had many children. One of his sons, Pietro Bertucci (Born 1813) was the great grandfather of Peter Bertucci. Another son, Antonino (Born 1818) was the father of Anna Bertucci Ingargiola. Hope this helps. You can check this out on the Genealogy Homepage.

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