Re: Want to translate Italian names to Engish!

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Posted by Chris Caravella on 05 NOV 2001 09:41:32

Good Question!I can't say that I've ever seen a site for this and, assuming your mean first names, I've been fascinated by this myself.All the UGH data is in a database so it was easy for me to generate the list below and add the translations that I've come across.These are names common to Ustica and I can't be sure that some of the more odd translations aren't just local variants.

Giuseppe 1151 Joseph, Joe
Maria 811 Mary, Mamie
Antonino, Antonio 682 Anthony, Tony
Giovanni 589 John
Francesco 573 Frank, Francis
Angela, Angelina 454 Angela, Angelina, Lena
Giuseppa, Giuseppina 452 Josephine, Josie
Salvatore 425 Salvatore, Salvadore, Slavador, Sal, Samuel, Sam
Caterina 419 Catherine
Rosa 405 Rose
Domenico 333 Dominick, Dominic, Nick
Rosalia 333 Rosalie, Rose
Anna 307 Anna, Anne, Ann
Gaetano 275 (no direct English transla tion) Charles, Thomas
Vincenzo 247 Vincent
Pietro 299 Peter
Francesca 245 Frances, Fran
Felice 186 Felix
Angelo 183 Angelo
Giovanna, Giovannina 168 Johanna, Joann, Jenny
Antonina, Antonia 143 Antoinette, Nina
Nunziata, Nunzia, Annunziata 129 Nancy
Concetta 113 (no direct English translation) Cetta, Connie
Grazia 101 Grace, Rachel
Mari anna 101 May Ann
Giacomo 96 Jacob, Jack
Domenica 87 (no direct English translation) Minnie, Mamie
Carmelo 84 Emile
Carmela 81 Carmela
Andrea 79 Henry
Michele 79 Michael
Margherita 77 Margaret, Daisy
Rosaria 76 (no direct English translation) Rose
Bartolomeo, Bartolo 69 Walter, Bart
Onofrio 69 (no direct English translation) Mur phy
Vincenza 68 (no direct English translation) Virginia
Filippo 66 Phillip
Felicia 57 Felicia
Pasquale 54 Pascal
Ignazio 53 Ignatius, Nash
Luigi 53 Louis
T ommaso 52 Thomas

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