Re: Software to Learn to Speak Italian - Recommendations?

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Posted by Fred Laurice(lla) on 21 DEC 2001 13:45:33

Learn to Speak Italian Now, by Transpararent Language, is available at most of the office stores and computer software stores.It has a series of excellent add-ons which are pretty much only available from the company.Buy the main program, then contact the company for a catalog of add-ons.An excellent add-on is "Word Ace" an interactive dictionary and verb conjugator.Another great add-on i s "Vocabulary Master" which allows you to learn vocabulary using a "flash card" idiom (Italian to English and vice-versa.You also can add your own words to the words that are in the program.

I have not found a good translator, and have tried several including Universal Translator.For the most part, you put in an Italian phrase and get back "gibberish."If anyone reading this knows of a dec ent translator, please let me know.

Hope this helps.Feel free to inquire further.

Fred Laurice(lla)
Fair Oaks, CA

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