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Posted by Marilyn Barbera on 17 OCT 2003 00:33:14

You may contact Fred Laurice(ella)for the history of the inhabitants of Lipari, It was populated several times and wiped out by wars several times, so another avenue to take is to trace the family name. For example, BERTUCCI. I have a photographic copy of an official coat of arms document from a Bertucci in Ustica.It says the following in Italian:The Bertucci family originat ed in Rome and went to Palermo in 1428 to work in the service of King Frederick in many places especially in Messina and Castrogiovanni. One named Anthony in 1435 was a baron. The coat of arms has a crown with five circles above it which I have learned is the sign of a baron. An interesting anecdote was told to me by Peter Bertucci of the St. Bartolomeo Society is that when his parents moved to N ew Orleans from Ustica after the 2nd world war (Peter was about 21 yrs old), his father said to him "Bertucci's don't rent." Furthurmore,I have also learned from Usticeses that the upper class in Ustic a were land owners, which probably is derived from their high social class of "baron" which is very closely allied to the royalty. My g grandfather Antonino Bartucci b.about 1818, married to Marie Concepta Rando Apr. 20 1840 was the brother of Peter Bertucci's ggrandfather,Pietro b. April 20 1813 was married to Rosalia Palmisano. The 2 brothers (Antonino and Pietro's) parents were Francesco and A nna Basile married in 1809. Hope this helps.

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