Re: Port Closing correction & Search for Francesca Gumina, La Greca's and Anna Ingargiola,

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Posted by Marilyn Barbera on 07 JUL 2004 23:28:43

Thanks for the correction Chris, This may be a clue to what is missing in my search, i.e. the first microfilm reel after the port reopened which should contain ships arriving from 7 March, 1865 to 1 April, 1866. This may be when these folks arrived. I did not find them on the reels from 23 Nov 1854 thru 31 May 1861 nor from 2 April 1866 thru 31 Oct 1872. If Francesca Gumina gave birth to a baby, Pauline, in New Orleans in 1866 or 67, she would have had to arrive prior to that time. Thanks for the correction.

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