Re: Port Closing correction & Search for Francesca Gumina, La Greca's and Anna Ingargiola,

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Posted by Marilyn Barbera on 21 JUL 2004 01:29:08

Stanley: I am hoping to find more documentation on the arrival of Anna Bertucci Ingargiola andher brothers, Antonino, Guisseppe, Dominico, and Francesco, and her sister-in-law Francesca Ingargiola Gumina, and the La Greca's. I know that Anna was to take care of her brothers until their mother joined them here. However, when she received news in Ustica of the death of her two sons in New Orleans she was heartbroken and changed her mind about moving here. One clue that I found in the Baton Rouge was the deaths of Anna's 2 brothers, Dominico and Francesco who lived with her and whom she nursed until they died of yellow fever. I have misplaced my notes of the documentation that I found in Baton Rouge of the date that they died, but I think it may have been in 1867. Anna's husband Christoph er signed the death certificates and their address was listed as being on the corner of Melpomene and Dryades, the location of the Dryades Market. If I can't locate this info, I may have to go back to get it in Baton Rouge, however I am not doing genealogy for the next few months. If you are interested in going there here is the location: Genealogical Research at the Louisiana State Archives, Rec ords Management, and History, 3851 Essen LanePh 922-1200Among other records, there are deaths in Orleans Parish from 1804-1944. I don't know if this info is now available in New Orleans.

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