Re: A call for Plantation homes post Civil War lived in and/or tracts of land purchased by Usticesi

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Posted by Angie Orellana on 01 AUG 2004 18:16:37

I have quite a few property deeds that apparently passed through several Usticesi's hands before my great grandfather, Antonino Maggiore purchased it.

This one particular property was part of the Tchoupitoulas Plantation which was originally owned by Theodore Soniat DuFossat.In December 1883 he sold the property to Lucien Soniat DuFossat, Charles T. DuFossat and Gustave Valerin DuFossat.In 1889 the property was divided into three tracts.On June 21, 1911 the heirs of Lucian Soniat DuFossat sold tract three to Murphy Favalora who in turn sold it to Charles Randazzo.Charles Randazzo sold it back to Murphy Favalora who then sold it to my great grandfather Antonino Maggiore.

My great grandfather and grandmother Angela Rando Maggiore farmed the land until his death in 1948; she mov ed in with one of her daughters and they rented out the farm.When she died in 1959 the land was sold to Marsiglia who subdivided the property.

Property Description:
A certain portion of ground, situated in the Parish of Jefferson, State of Louisiana, left bank of the Mississippi River, at a distance of about five miles above the upper limits of the City of New Orleans, forming tract three.

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