Re: DiSimone brothers in New Orleans, 1850 Census

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Posted by chris caravella on 15 JUL 2004 08:28:08

Hi Gay,Edmund does not really translate into any of the names you mentioned but it was not uncommon to substitue a totally differnet name for one that does not translate well to english.Salvatore generaly is not a difficult name to translate but he is the only possible candidate of the 3 brothers you mentioned.Francesco and Felice were in Ustica in 1850.On the following page 199 is an ent ry for Dominic Vergattes who is actually Domenico Verdichizzi also from Ustica.I've just begun a project to do an exhaustive search of the census starting in 1880 and going back to 1850.Info for early immigrants is scarce and I think this is the best way to fill in those gaps.1880 is nearly done and will be in the next UGH update due out in mid-August.

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