Re: Calogero Disimone on a ship list

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Posted by chris caravella on 10 AUG 2004 10:20:58

Great Work Again Gay!I'm glad you're doing such useful and in-depth research.I'll definitely add this to the website database.

I am particularly interested in the earliest Usticesi to come to the US.I have started an exhaustive project to search for all Italians in the US Census for New Orleans for 1850, 1860, 1870 and 1880.To get around the gross misspellings of surnames, I search by the "place of birth" column and not surname.Of course, this is only plausible because I'm going through the entire city.

I have not researched the ship lists past 1847 but I'll go back to 1840 now that I know there's some hope of finding more.This is another exhuastive project in which I go through every ship list looking for boats from Palermo, Genoa or any other Italian ports.

The only other contender for earliest immigrant outside of the DiSimone's is Domenico Verdichizzi who was married here in 1848.Family lore says he came here in 1838.

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