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Posted by chris caravella on 22 JUL 2004 13:52:57

Hi Lea,

Yes the Ustica State Civil records have been exhaustively recorded at the website.I gaurantee that you won't find any more Sicari info there.

There are 2 possibilities for continuing the Sicari family research.1.) It is possible that Salvadore Sicari and Giovanna Cincotta were married in Ustica prior to the start of the Stato Civile in 1820.This would be recorded in the Chur ch registers which are only available by going to Ustica and insepcting them manually. 2.) Giovanna Cincotta was born in Lipari so it is also possible that they were married there, again probably prior to 1820.The registers of one of the Lipari churches is available on microfilm from the Mormons.Any others you would have to go there for a manual inspection.

I think the second scenario is mo st likely since their son Antonino is listed as being born in "Messina".Messina is both a city and a state so he could have been born in Lipari and they just listed his birth state instead.Hope this helps.

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