Re: Desimone & Barraco fruit market in San Jose, CA, 1870

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Posted by Bill Principe on 10 AUG 2004 22:06:16

We talked about the Desimone family in San Jose and the Gold Rush country before, but I did not know about the connection between Desimone and Barraco.

My GGPs Vincenzo Messina and Anna Barraco operated an orchard in the Evergreen district of San Jose and lived on First Street, but they did not arrive in San Jose until 1892.

But this may explain why they headed straight for San Jose from Elli s Island. Maybe Anna had cousins living there! Are you related to the Barracos? How?

I guess you know that Joseph Desimone aged 40 is in the 1870 census in San Jose. But I tried Barraco (and all the spelling variations I could think of) and couldn't find one in 1870.

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