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Posted by John Joseph Sciackitano on 20 NOV 2003 20:15:25

Hi. My name is John J. Sciackitano. My mother immigrated along with her family from Amelia, LA. Her family name is Guarisco. My father, John Carl Sciackitano also immigrated from LA, I think the town of Franklin or thereabouts. As a child dad lived in a Texas town by the name of Besmay (may not be correct spelling). His father's name was Carlo and his mother's name was Elizabeth (nee Zinna).
My grandfather Carlo and his wife, Elizabeth emigrated from Sicily. I don't know the exact name of the town, but I think it was in the province of Trapani, somehwere near a town called Gibbilena.
Grandpa worked at a sawmill in Texas and then as a laborer on the Indiana Harbor Belt RR near Hammond, Indiana. They later moved to the Near North Side of Chicago in the early '20s.
My grandpa was dirt poor and died in 1944, or thereabouts, I don't have the exact date handy. My grandma died a couple of years lateer.
I do not recall the names of my grand-uncles on grandpa's side, but I do know that my grandma's brother, I think his name was Sam Zinna, lived in Missouri Valley Iowa. He died in the 1960s, or thereabouts.
Hope this has been helpful.

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