Re: Looking for my roots (Villanti)

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Posted by Pierre VILLANTI on 29 MAR 2002 15:12:30

Hi Chris,
I have new informations about my ancestors. Bartolomeo Villanti seems to be the name of my grand-grand-grand father. He has a son, whose name was translate to Jean when he came to Algeria (remember it was France). The civil state or the churh of Ustica registered Vergante for last name. Probably a problem of prononciation... He was born in 1882. If you look to Grazia, daughter of Bar tolomeo and Rosa Villanti, her name is Vergante instead of Villanti. I suppose she's the sister of my ancestor. He was probably the fourth child of Bartolomeo and Rosa. He's not in you're Villanti family chart.
Are you sure that this chart is complete ?
Can you help me to have more informations ?

Excuse me for my english, which is not perfect ...


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