Re: Pre-Ustica Lipari Records? How Chris did it.

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Posted by Bill Principe on 28 NOV 2004 10:51:43

Chris ordered all the microfilms of civil ("stato civile") records from Ustica that were filmed by the Mormons, and had copies deposited in the New Orleans Family History Center in Metairie. I believe there are 23 reels of filmdated from about 1820 to about 1902. Then, he went through every film and copied every record, one at a time, until he finished earlier this year, and astonishing job!< br>Most stato civile records include the names of the parents, and sometimes the grandparents. This is how Chris found records that are earlier than 1820, and why there are few if any EXACT dates earlier than about 1820.
By the way, those films are still at the New Orleans FHC, and anyone can go and examine them.
It would be possible to do the same thing for Lipari, or any Italian tow n. Go to the Mormon web site at and click on "Search the Family History Library Catalog for records and resources." Do a "Place Search," enter "Lipari," and look at the "Civil registration" records. There are about 14 microfilms from Lipari dating from about 1820 to about 1910, about the same as available for Ustica.
In addition, for Lipari there are 6 microfilms of chur ch records dating from 1559 to 1913! This is great news for Lipari researchers, because the church records for many Italian towns, including Ustica, were not filmed.
Reading those films is not easy, but with practice you can do it. Most of the civil records follow a very strict format, and there are books and web sites that will tell you exactly how to translate them. The church records are much, much harder. They are older and usually written in Latin, and they do not include indexes like the stato civile records. But it is possible to transcribe them, and they may include just the information you are looking for on the Falanga and Verdichizzi families.

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