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Posted by Angelo Bertucci on 22 MAY 2002 18:33:10

Yes we did.OK to add my e-mail to your web site.Not sure how many Bertucci╦s relatives I have in the New Orleans area.Most of my relations are through the Picone, Palmisano, Rando, Basile and Maggiore╦s, and some others.

Chris╦s site has allowed me to make direct links to all of the above families, which makes for a very interesting tree.

I have some pictures that my father put nam es on, and I have found these people on Ustica web site.Some of these pictures were taken in Ustica.I have pictures ofmy Great-Grandmother Rando, Palmisano, which is Big Grandma Sister-in-Law.

One correction on my Hello posting.Big Grandma Palmisano was my Great-Grandmother.

Would love to meet you during my visit to New Orleans.I have a list of relatives I╦m planning on meeting and maybe we can also connect.

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