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Posted by Ann E. Mathews on 23 APR 2005 16:09:54

Anthony Palmisano and Margherita Maggiore were my great grandparents.Their son Salvador married Hazel Mae Haebaker.Hazel loved to tell stories about the family and I loved to hear them.Her explanation about her father-in-law being a Methodist reverend was that he took it to heart when the Bible says "Take no idols before thee"(did I get that right?)and the Catholic church had what he consid ered idols.The story goes that the Mafia gave him a Black Hand warning one Sunday morning when he was preaching on the waterfront with my great grandmother pregnant with my grandfather, Salvador(she played the organ on the wagon).It was considered a payback when Salvador was mysteriously pushed into the path of a streetcar and lost his leg.The family moved to N.O., partly to escape the Mafi a and be independent businessmen and leaving the Catholic church was also a way to cut ties. And now you have the rest of the story!I just discovered this site today, it fills in some gaps for me, I am proud of my heritage.Thank you, Ann Elizabeth Mathews

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