Re: Lauricella: The history behind my family name.

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Posted by Sharon Lauricella Cook on 17 JUL 2004 17:18:49

on July 17, 2004 at 17:18:49:

I am heavily involved in finding all I can about the people from Ustica (including some of my family who volunteered to assist the Italian government in opening up a small island just off the coast of Ustica.They were kidnapped by Turkish pirates and sold as slaves in Africa.I first became interested in this when I found members of my family who were born and married in Algeria, Tunisia ... Children were born there as well. I have learned that they were ransomed by the Italian government.I would really like to know where they went after that.Back to the little island?I learned that the Italian government had troops sent there to protect them.Did they go home to Ustica?This is quite a story!If anyone has information about this, PLEASE email it to me!I have more informat ion to share, but am running out of room!Thanks so much!

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