Caravella family in Palermo

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Posted by Hugh Tornabene on 24 MAR 2005 15:47:03

Hey Kate,

I think it was Chris on this board who used to have a fine map of Palermo where you could see the "Quattro Canti" which is a cross roads where Corso Victor Emmanuel crosses via Maqueda. The Santa Ninfa section is one of those 4 quarters which meet at this cross roads. I have been trying to figure which one for some time. But if you were there, there are statues of the names of the fou r sections right there on the four corners so it should be easy. Ninfa, Cristina, Oliva and Agata.
By June its probably going to be hot, dusty and white with everyone doing a siesta after about 2 pm, unless things have moved along since I was there about 55 years ago

If Chris reads this, where did that map go Chris, and also that list of the Palermo index films which had the pre cise break points between the films. Your board is a great asset, don't drop a thing off it, put em back if you took em off please. I am not even sure it was this board mind you.

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