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Posted by Tammy Zepp on 08 APR 2003 02:44:25

Hi...I don't know what forum this is, how old it is, or how to get back to it but I have something to post here.Tonight I was talking with my grandmother about my family heritage and she mentioned Peter Genarro, whom I had never heard of before.I found my way here because I was searching for information on Peter Genarro and I read your post.These Sicilian immigrants you speak of are my gr eat great grandparents (or the parents of my great grandmother, if that helps out)..Peter Genarro is actually the grandson of these immigrants, as he is the son of my great grandmother's uncles.I don't know if this is important to you at all..I don't know what "Usticesi" means, but I can tell you that his grandparents had the last name of Gassetto.

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