New Orleans Segreto/Barbera'sButcher & Grocer connectrion in Ustica

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Posted by Marilyn Barbera on 27 NOV 2005 13:22:35

on November 27, 2005 at 13:22:35:

I apologize for the lapse in time for this reply. Returning to New Orleans is only the beginning of repairs and recovery efforts. Your offer to help after the Katrina devastation is truly generous and very much appreciated. My current challenge is not unlike others.Getting repairs made, meeting with adjustors, and listing damages for homeowner insurers, and receiving adequate coverage.Many wh o have returned are unable to find contractors of all types. Sheetrock, roof, carpenters, electricians are booked up for months. Many have come from other cities. James Segreto who I know thru my neighborhood association (he preceeded me as president) may be related to you. He's listed in the New Orleans telephone directory (504 866-4005). Though this area was not flooded, many buildings sustai ned structural damage, especially roof damage, due to the intensity of the wind and damage from trees. Some of the streets you mentioned where your relatives lived before the hurricane do not have telephone service, some do not have electricity or gas. I saw W. Park Place, it had 8 to 9 feet of water inside homes, and according to one of the residents, many of the homes will be demolished. Transc ontinental and Grand Rt. St. John were not as hard hit and homes can be repaired. Your great great grandparents, Dominico Segreto and Giuseppa Barbera had two witnesses on their marriage document who were listed as butchers, and Dominico was a butcher. Giuseppa's family owned the grocery store in Ustica. I have asked someone in Ustica to find the location of the grocery store. My father and his b rothers told me that when they were children, their father, Giuseppe Barbera (brother of Giuseppa) received a shipped barrel of Christmas goodies from his family in Ustica which included almonds, raisons, dried figs, and traditional sweets. I also heard that one of his sisters had a share in the grocery store. Could it have been Giuseppa and Domenico Segreto? I dont know how many of Giuseppa's br others and sisters were involved in the store. Many of Giusppa's sisters and brothers came to New Orleans. So by the process of elimination it may be possible to find out who stayed there and ran the store. According to the genealogy page on this web site, Giuseppa was born in Ustica, however, documents show that her father, Vincenzo, was a native in Castelvetrano Sicily (in the province of Tra pani) and a resident of Ustica. Am curious about the document that you refer to connecting Giuseppa to Sciacca. Noticed on the genealogy page that Domenico Segreto lived on #5 Via Calvario in 1876. Prior to the hurricane 10 people from this area, who are descendants of Usticesi had a trip planned to Ustica Sept 14th, along with about 14 from California. We were going to meet the families who were still living there with our ancestor's names, as well as finding the original homes of our descendants. Condos are purchased there for vacation homes. I am friends with the former Mayor who has been to New Orleans more than once, the last time was in 2004. His son owns a hotel there called Clelia. There are rental condos and homes to stay in as well. Many natives now have places for tourists bec ause it is their largest industry during June, July and August.I may organize a group to go next year.The trip included visits to major attractions in Sicily and Italy. Very kind of you to offer to help post Katrina. Very grateful for your prayers which are still much needed to rebuild New Orleans. Although the press may say that New Orleans is coming back, it will take many years. The scope of the devastation is enormous and some private insurers are not steping up to the plate to cover damages inorder for repairs to be made.
Marilyn Barbera

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