Re: Barraco and Columbo family

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Posted by Bill Principe on 28 FEB 2006 16:42:27

I believe the answers you seek are right here on this web site.

Go to the home page at Click on "Genealogy Homepage". Under "family charts in America" click on the letter B. Click on Barraco.

You will find the family of Angela Barraco (b. Ustica, d. New Orleans 22 Apr 1934) and Frank Colombo. Click on the underlined Colombo and you will be taken to the Colombo page, where Fran k and Angela's family is listed. You will see an unnamed Daughter 2 who married J. Manzella. That is probably your Angelina Barraco and Bernard Manzella.

If these are your ancestors, then you and I are Third Cousin Once Removed. My great-grandmother was Anna Barraco, daughter of Fedele Barraco and Angela Bonanno. Your great-great-grandmother was Anna's brother Giuseppe.

Welcome to and the extended family of American usticesi. We are all cousins here!

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