Lauricella's in New Orleans and California

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Posted by Marilyn Barbera on 03 MAR 2006 00:00:26

on March 03, 2006 at 00:00:26:

In reply to Kerry's lineage. I am familiar with several parts of your family and have done some genealogy using the Genealogy Homepage on this site. I trust that this is correct, but would not swear to it.The Lauricellas in New Orleans who descend from Litterio and Maria Palmisano are cousins of the Lauricellas in California who descend from Giuseppe and Giuseppa Giardino. On the genealogy home page it appears that Giuseppe and Litterio were first cousins. The father of your great grandfather, Litterio was Giuseppe (m. to Antonina Barbera). Giuseppe's brother was Giovanni (m. to Maria Rosa Majorana.) Giovanni and Maria Rosa is the great grandparents of Fred Laurice (Lauricella) and his cousins who are Californians. They descend from Giovanni's son, Giuseppe who immigrated to California where he raised his family. However, he had a daughter, Carmela, who was a Jefferson, La. resident married to Vincent Barbera.Also, there is a relationship between the Barbera's who lived in Jefferson, La. (from the second half of the 19th century until the 1980's) and Maria Palmisano, your great grandmother. Maria's parents were Francesco Palmisano and Rosa Barbera (m. in 1847) Rosa Barbera wa s the sister of my grandfather Giuseppe Barbera. Maria Palmisano was a first cousin of my father, Salvatore Barbera (Sam). The Barbera's owned a grocery store in Ustica in the 1800's. I am not aware of when it was sold in the 1900's.
Another connection with your family: I have cousins who are grandchildren of Antonina (Nina) Lauricella and Antonino Manfre' (Mumphrey) My mother Maria Bertucc i had two brothers, (Dominick and Frank) who married 2 daughters ofAntonina Lauricella and Antonino Mumphrey. They were Anna and Maria Mumphrey. You can get some info on places to stay in Ustica and Palermo from Vito Ailara, a former mayor of the island, whose wife is a Lauricella. He has a family member who owns a hotel there called Clelia. You can find the addresses and phone numbers of resid ents and businesses in all cities in Italy by going to the Italian website for white and yellow pages. Chris Caravella's virtual tour of Ustica on this web site is spectacular.Very best wishes for a wonderful trip, you won't regret it. Marilyn Barbera

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