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Posted by Angelo Bertucci on 03 MAR 2006 15:59:49

Hi Kerry

I just saw your posting and I knew I saw your name someplace. I have your campaign poster, and the two pictures taken in the cabbage patch, when you were running for Alderman. Which included my Grandpa Joe "Dub" Picone That Burger King you referred to was where my Grandpa Dub Picone and Grandma Maggie Palmisano-Picone farmhouse stood. I lived there in the 40Æs.I remember your dad was always visiting.I did have a chance to visit with your dad and Hank in August 2004 when I was down for my mamaÆs funeral. I have a picture of the farmhouse that was taken in 1924 and a couple pictures of your Great Grandaunt Angelina. You and I are 3rd cousins.

Your Grt Grandfather Littero (is my 2nd Cousin) He married my Grt Grandaunt Maria Palmisano (your Grt Grandmother). MariaÆs sister, Angelina Palmisano, married Tommaso (Massia) Picone. My Grandpa Dub Picone was their son.

Going back to Marilyn and FredÆs postings, you can see there is no end to our family.

IÆve been their twice. Last trip in July 2005. My wife and I stayed a the Hotel Clelia and enjoyed our stay. They also have a great restaurant and great food.

You will not regret making that trip to Ustica.Enjoy.

Angelo Bertucci

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