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Posted by Marilyn Barbera on 23 MAR 2006 13:30:55

on March 23, 2006 at 13:30:55:

Hi Kerry:
I live in the Carrollton/Riverbend neighborhood, in the University Area of Uptown New Orleans.The area near the Mississippi from the Orleans/Jefferson Parish line to the French Quarter did not flood because the elevation is above sea level due to thousand of years of the Mississippi overflowing its banks. New Orleans is like a large bowl, I live on the upper edge.
However , I need a new roof, had original slate roof from 1859 when the house was built. This area was part of Jefferson Parish at the time. Am waiting as everyone else for an acceptable insurance settlement. The carpets, some hardwood floors and all ceilings need replacing upstairs where I have a 3 bedroom apartment. Same for my home downstairs, but damage was not as extensive. How did you survive Katri na?
Forgot to mention that your grandfather or great uncle (not sure which one???), Johnny Lauricella, and his partner Seizler purchased the acreage to build Azalea Gardens and Camelia Gardens subdivisions in Jefferson from my father and his brothers after the Second World War. It had been purchased by my grandfater, Joseph Barbera in the 19th century.
What is now the shopping strip on J efferson Highway where there is a Winn-Dixie supermarket, the Metairie Bank and formerly a TG&Y was the location of the Barbera home where they operated a farm.The farm was originally part of one of the tracks of the Arnoult Plantation and extended from the Mississippi River to Lake Pontchatrain when it was purchased by my grandfather.The parcel from Airline (the Rail road tracks) had been so ld prior to WW II. The Lauricella/Seizler team bought the acres from Jefferson Highway to the Rail Road Tracks. Johnny Lauricella was a very forward looking and successful business man and developer, heard good things about his successes. The subdivisions are still there and one of the streets that crosses Jefferson Highway is named after your family. One of the California Lauricellas, the late W arren Lauricella, visited me about 5 yrs ago and he took a picture of the Lauricella street sign. Ironically he did not know he was related to your family.
Is your business in Lafitte?Its a wonderful fishing village. Have gone to the blessing of the shrimp boats in the summer, a fun event!
The Petrossi family in Ustica are fishermen. Rafael Petrossi has a boat. Ask to meet him if he i s there when you go. Give him my regards. He lived in New Orleans a few years in the 80's and worked at Charlie's Steakhouse on Dryades St. His now deceased cousin, Sonny owned the restaurant at the time. Sonny inherited it from his father, Charlie, thus the name of the Steakhouse. Also, tell Vito Ailara you would like to join Centro Studi, if you wish to receive their newsletter. It has interest ing articles on the history of the island, geology, archeology, immigration, and a column by Chris Carvella in most issues that tells the story offamous sucessful Usticesi. Johnny Lauricella's successes as a developer may be potential material for such a column. Chris can be reached in New Orleans. His e-mail address is on this web site. He can also provide info on the annual underwater regatta in Ustica every summer. Also, you might ask him about is on the message board.

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