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Posted by Chris Caravella on 03 MAR 2004 16:06:43

Hi Bonnie,Your family has experienced a few surname changes.Ranatza is a well established alias for Randazzo.Your great-grandparents are listed in the website as Giuseppe Russo and Giuseppina Randazzo with your grandfather Salvatore being born 08-Mar-1898.This is the first time I've seen Roose used as an alias of Russo.Unfortunately I don't have any info connecting them to the Ustica li neages.Based on the names of their children, I'm confident that Giuseppina Ranatza is the daughter of Gaetano Randazzo and Carmela Palmisano.It's a little more difficult with Giuseppe Russo, but his parents were possibly named Pietro and Rosa.Do you have the death certificates of your great-grandparents?Ages for them would really help.I haven't been able to find a marriage in either New Orleans or Ustica for them.I'll dig around at the library and see if I can't find some census records that might help.

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