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Posted by Marilyn Barbera on 12 APR 2004 02:34:49

My parents who are from New Orleans introduced me to San Jose, Ca. friends, Johhny Roose who was married to Mae Cristina (Christina?) It was in 1970 when we visited them in San Jose, when John was 80 yrs old and Mae was in her 70's. Back in the 20's, Mae's mother operated a grocery in the rear of their home located on 8th and Martha in San Jose. I think than Johhny Roose's family was from New Orl eans. Didn't realize until now that the name is Russo. I have photos of that family taken in 1928-29 while my parents lived with them in San Jose.There were many Ustichesi in the photos, that were from New Orleans or visiting. One living there was Frank Najolia (Ingargiola).

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