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Posted by Tommye Jo Picone Messina on 13 MAR 2007 14:23:56

I am Angelo Bertucci's 2nd cousin on my father's side Thomas(Tommy) Joseph Picone his father was Dominick Picone Joseph (Dub) Picone was Angelo Bertucci's grandfather Angelo's mother Angeie Picone Bertucci. Dominick Picone died on Leukemia(use to be called the "Blood Disease") in March 1955 75 years old. Dominick Picone's second child Rose Belle Picone Bertucci (who favored her father's family in looks and features) and her husband Joseph L. Bertucci had one daughter Joann Bertucci Lottinger. Joann was the first grandchild/grand daughter of Dominick Picone and Felicia Favalora Picone. Joann Bertucci Lottinger had cancer in her leg in 1983-1984 removed her leg, then 2 years later she thought her had "Indian Fire" rash on her neck, it turn out to a rare form of Thyirod(spelling?) Cancer Joann was my first cousin and my Godmother, We were very close. I lost her November 1987. So if youare related to our family Joseph (Dub) Picone and his parents Angelo Bertucci's grandfather--Cancer does run in that side of the family. Tommye Jo Picone Messina 4010 French Broad Circle #15 Sevierville TN 37876 home 865-429-0693, cell# 865-654-2211

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