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Posted by Angelo Bertucci on 15 JAN 2007 23:20:16

Hi Cousin Chancey

I have some information on part of your family

Your Great Grandfather Salvatore Palmisano is my Great Granduncle. Their two Brothers, Giuseppe, and Antonino are my Great Grandfathers.

Your Grandmother Rosa Lauricella (my 1st cousin) is the Mother of my Great Grandaunt, Maria Palmisano. Rosa is also the sister of John L. Lauricella of Harahan. John lived across from my Grandfather ˘Dub÷ Picones farm. His sons are in real estate. One of their sons is the ex Senator Hank Lauricella.

You have large family connections between the Palmisano and Lauricella families.

We also share the same Great Great Grandparents, Giuseppe Palmisano, and Rosa Mattina

On my MotherĂs side is Giuseppe Palmisano and my Fathers side is Antonino Palmisano. My Great Grandfather Giuseppe Palmisano married Angelina (aka Big Grandma) and lived in Harahan. They had 15 children and when she died in 1952, she had 191 descendants.

I lived in Harahan during the 40Ăs and knew most of the families. I do have more info on this branch of your family including his other brother, your Great Granduncle / my Great Grandfather Antonino, on my fatherĂs side.

It is a very large family. Please e-mail if you are looking for more info.

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