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Posted by Bill Principe on 18 JAN 2007 23:19:59


Welcome to the Ustica board. We are a community here, and all of us are cousins, including you. As a matter of fact, your family is listed on this web page.

Click on Genealogy Homepage below. Under "Surname Index for the family charts of America" click on D for Del Buono. You'll find DelBuono, with 64 behind it indicating there are 64 DelBuonos listed. Click on DelBuono, and look about 2/3 down the page, and you will find Matthew J. DelBuono, son of Charles P and grandson of Philip Joseph DelBuono and Lena Perniciaro. Isn't that you?

If you start following the links, you will find your entire family tree. Click on the world globe symbols, and that will take you to your ancestors in the Old World on Ustica. You should find records back into the early 18th century.

As for other DelBuonos, click on "San Bartolomeo Society" on the home page. The New Orleans ustice hold several events a year. You'll meet lots of cugini if you attend an event.

Welcome, cousin!

Bill Principe
Pasadena, California

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