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Posted by Heather Hodgins on 28 FEB 2007 3:42:44

My great grandfather is Guiseppe Nastasi, born in 1882 to Domenico and Pietra? Nastasi in San Teodoro, he had 3 or 4 brothers. Guissepe married Mary Sirna also from San Teodoro, and had 7 children, Pietra born in 1908 in Italy,Josephina born in 1914 also in italy,Angelina Marie (my grandmother who raised me) born in palermo in 1919 while waiting for the ship to America, and Domenico born 1920 in Kansas City, MO, Concetta born in 1922, Rosie born in 1924 and finally Joseph Anthony born 1926. Joseph is the only living sibling left. If you have any more info about any relatives living or deceased please email me. My family is searching for anyone that can tell us about the rest of our family. Thanks,

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