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Posted by Janis Mary Caminita Spell on 23 OCT 2007 20:17:50

My Dad's name is Salvador John Caminita, Sr.. He was born March 4, 1926 and passed away August 19, 2006. He was 80 years old. His family is from Ustica. He and Louis Prima were very good friends. We lived in Covington, Louisiana many years ago. Mr. Prima had a place called "Pretty Acres" Golf Course on Hwy. 190. My Dad did the plumbing in Mr. Prima's huge home and Ms Prima (Mr. Louis' Mother) would cook for my Dad. He always spoke highly of the Prima's. He used to get a kick out of the fact that Mr. Louis Prima was the voice for the erangatang on the Disney movie, The Jungle Book. Mr. Louis Prima holds a special place in my heart because everytime I watch that movie with my granddaughters, I think of my Dad's laughter when he imagines Louis Prima as an erangatang! God Bless and thanks for bringing back a good memorie to me. Janis Mary Caminita Spell

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