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Posted by Rusty Meyer on 21 NOV 2007 15:12:39

Hello Justin, went back to the message boards and noticed that you had responded to my post back in June. No one ever seemed to be responding to my initial post, so I eventually stopped checking right around the time you had written. thanks for the response. Looking at the names you mentioned, it certainly does make us related. You mentioned that you have gone as far back as 1630 with Francesco Maggiore. I've only gotten to about 1767. I'd love to see how you had gotten there, if that wouldn't be a problem. change is really great info because no one in my family is aware of how that happened. As a matter of fact, I'm the main reason that they now know that Maggiore was the proper spelling. I'll have to tell my dad and aunt how the name got changed. as well. I am very interested in all family history connected to mine as well as old pictures. By the way, if you click "photo gallery" of the ustica website, you will find a picture of my great grandmother, Marguerite Virgona. She was a daughter of Maria Maggiore. Maria Maggiore being one of the daughters of Agostino Maggiore and Margherita Luca. you. Thanks for the response. Hopefully, you've made it back this way, as I have, to check the message boards...

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