Re: Late 1800 Italian Immigration to Louisiana

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Posted by Desiree on 10 MAY 2009 4:36:31

My mom's paternal family name was Allo (from New Orleans and then settled in Gretna) and my late grandmother said they came from the island of Ustica. We are not entirely certain about this. My mom said that the name Allo might have been Gallo or Fallo, but she is not certain if they changed the spelling when entering the U.S. around 1874??? Trying to find out information on her genealogy. Her father's name was Joseph P. Allo and he died at sea when my mom was about 12 years old. My mom had an older brother (Murphy Allo) who died at 4 years old when she was born in New Orleans in 1933. Any information on where I can obtain information about this family (Allo, Gallo, Fallo) would be appreciated. My mom's paternal grandparents were named Thomas Allo (born 1853 in Italy) and emigrated to the U.S. as a child and his wife Mary Mumphrey Allo who was born in Italy in 1864. She also emigrated to the U.S. as a child. Mary Mumphrey's father was Gaitano Mumphrey b: 1830 and d: 1914 My mom's aunts and uncles include Neina Allo Pattari, Charles Allo, Victor Allo, Rachel Allo Laurent, Murphy P. Allo, Josephine Allo, Mary Allo Robertson, Rose Allo Pattari and Angelina Allo Molliere. thanks for your help. from desiree

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