Re: How do I update the family charts?

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Posted by Angelo Bertucci on 14 OCT 2007 22:15:39

Dominick your information to the web site. But he requires copies of actual documents, which backup your information. Send Chris copies of birth, marriage, and death certificates. Copies of ship manifest showing your ancestors when they arrived. Obituary information of your family members. You will find these on the Ellis Island web site. The US Federal Census up to 1930 will also give you good information. DonÆt forget the old photoÆs. they may have info on the back. I started doing this in 1999 after I retired. There was a mention of Theresa Mascari. She is my 2nd cousin-twice removed. Paola Caezza, her mother, is my 1st cousin-3 times removed. I have Mascari Grandparents, but not through this family tree.

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