Re: Spano/Palmisano Families

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Posted by Bill Principe on 2 MAR 2008 11:38:49

Dear Cherri: the same WOW moment when we found this board. I found it 8 years ago, and it tied together everything I had heard about my grandmother. I'm glad you found your roots here, too. efforts of Chris Caravella, but many people have contributed, including you. Your information about your family is new to us, and Chris will probably add it to the files eventually. and Boston, and I just flew out west last night. I don't know if I will have time this trip, but I will try to look up your Los Angeles references at the county archives, and contact you if I find anything. I will be back in Mass. in mid March. (I stay in Hopedale and my office is in Westford.) I notice that you said your GGM Anna Spano was born on Ustica in 1876, but this site shows she was born on 23 Jan 1874. That date is from civil records on Ustica, and you can bank on it. I mention it because my grandmother also fudged her birth date by a year. She always claimed she was born in 1892, but immigration records show she passed through Ellis Island in 1892 at age 1, and civil records show she was born in 1891. I think it was a thing for Italian women to lie a little bit about their ages. believe you will learn about cousins you never knew you had. There are at least 30,000 American usticesi, mostly in New Orleans, but also San Jose, San Francisco, Boston, New York. We are a warm community. Welcome!

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