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Posted by Angelo Bertucci on 2 MAR 2008 14:23:25

Cherri have to get to-gether. Grazia Palmisano is my Grt Grandaunt. have been working on a photo album with stories of our Calif Palmisano-Faia-Spano family. I received these photo albums last year. Chris sent them to me after Pat Ledet (Grazia's GG Grandniece) died. taken during the 30's and my visit in 1938. One was taken in 1931 with 15 of our family on the front porch. to Ustica where she died. I'm basing this on the Italian Nouro Rattler passenger list of 21-Feb-1878 Palermo to Port of New Orleans. was not on that list and her maiden name was used. from you soon. Send me an e-mail with your phone number.

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