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Posted by Cherri Brewer on 3 MAR 2008 20:48:53

Bill, thanks for the welcome and the feedback. I do have both those dates for Anna Spano but my confusion from the civil records of Ustica and NO is: Reported DOD Anna Pittari in NO 04/22/1872, DOM Giuseppe to Grazia Palmisano Ustica 03/02/1873, DOB Felice Ustica 06/06/1873 (also in USCensus data, DOB Anna Ustica 01/23/1874. Meanwhile in NO Giuseppe signed his naturalization papers 10/16/1874 (swearing his residency for previous three yrs.)My mother had an old saying: "the first baby can come any time, only the ones after that take 9 months" With those dates Anna is only 7 mths. younger than Felice. Is this likely?

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