Re: Genealogy of Manfre Family - Rosa Manfre married Nicolo Tarantino

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Posted by Julie Bourgeois on 23 MAY 2008 20:41:13

I have been having some obits in a file left to me by a late cousin. Barbara family is related to Manfre. Josephine Manfre the sister of Rosa, daugher of Giusseppe Joseph Manfre and Maria Domenici married a Gaetano (Charles) Barbara. Their children were Vincent,Anthony,Sam, Henry, Josephine, Mary. Still looking for the descendants of Antonino Manfre the brother of Rosa Manfre. Believe my gr grandfather lived with him possibly when his mother and father died. They had family records saying they kept in close touch with Antonino (Anthony) Manfre. But no records on who he married or his children.
The descendants of Rosa Manfre and Nicolo Tarantino children: married Domenico Amato married Florence Fernandez he married.

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