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Posted by Marilyn Barbera on 27 SEP 2008 0:29:16

Hubie: side (Ustica) and click on (Vicenzo) is the son of Andrea. It is the first Barbera listed. The name on several of the documents that I reviewed is "La Barbera." Other documents listing Vincenzo's children have a couple of other spellings. An Italian teacher told me that the name meant "The Barbarian." Shirley Nichols has done extensive research on Vincenzo's line. She has not returned my request for additional research beyond Andrea, therefore, I am not aware of whether or not she has gone furthur back prior to Andrea (Andrew). Barbera. was on the ship list. The microfilm containing ship lists that came into the port of New Orleans is available at the library. He arrived in New Orleans with his brother Gaetano (interpreted as "Charles"). Giuseppe had a toumb built with marble from Italy in the Soniat Cemetary in New Orleans. The name at the top is spelled "Barbera." Also, the name is spelled with an "e" (Barbera) on property records and his succession dating back to the late 1800's and early 1900's. Besides his assets in Jefferson Parish when he died, the documents also indicate an interest in the Barbera family grocery store in Ustica. Am not sure if it was only part interest or if he owned it because I do know prior to his death he wanted to buy out his sister's share. He had many sisters, dont know which one. One of his sisters was married to a butcher named Segreto, so I dont know if the grocery at a later time was owned by a Segreto or someone else. My father told me that the family owned a grocery in Ustica and when he was growing up, the family in Ustica sent a barrel of Christmas goodies, such as dried figs, nuts, candy, capers, raisons. living in Ustica (Emmanuel Manfre) sold the Ustica property for his heirs here, but unfortunately kept most of the proceeds telling the heirs that Italy would not allow inheritance to be sent out of the country. spelling is concerned, we know there were errors in spelling both in Ustica and in America. The best way to see the various spellings is to look at the documentation of births, deaths, and marriages on the genealogy homepage. Chris has done the best he can to enter the names as written on the documents. Marilyn Barbera

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