Re: Elisabetta passenger?

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Posted by Pat D'Anna on 3 AUG 2008 14:19:58

I have a photocopy of the manifest of the Italian Brig, Catarina, which arrived, from Palermo to New Orleans, on 10 April, 1866. There is a Giovanni Bertuccio, age 30, listed (#14). Family:Maria, age 35, Francesco, age 8, Filomena, age 4, Rosalia, age 2, and "one child",female, age 7 months. This is the bark my great grandmother, Catarina Pittari, sailed.
I got this lead from the message board, posted by Marilyn Barbera on 21 June, 2004. She had a very informative account on the arrival of ships around the time of the Civil War.
I don't recall exactly where I found the record, but if you like, I can try to scan it and send you a copy by email. I am not sure how readable it would be as it is not a clear copy.

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