Re: Elisabetta passenger?

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Posted by StanNajolia ( Ingargiola ) on 19 AUG 2008 11:51:53

I would like to take an exception to an item in the above message. The writer infers that Anna Bertucci Ingargiola accompanied her teenage brothers to New Orleans prior to the Union Navy's blockade and closure of the port in Spring 1861. However an Ustica Civil Record dates the death of Anna's son, Francesco age 1, on Ustica as April 30, 1862. While the record identifies the father, Cristofaro Ingargiola, as " a resident of America " it does not indicate such for Anna, other than as a resident of Ustica. Given the slowness of windsail-driven trans ocean travel of the time, it would seem improbable that Anna would be in New Orleans with her brothers around the Spring 1861 birth of her son , or that she would be in blockaded New Orleans and not on Ustica where her son died in April 1862. While anything is possible, what would be more likely is the story I have heard that Anna, my great grandmother, first came to New Orleans several years after her husband Cristofaro had initially lived there. Supporting this would be the fact that the couple's next child was not born until 1869. This would be more consistent with a later arrival in New Orleans for Anna, and not the Italian Unification years of 1860-1861.

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