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Posted by Charles J Corona on 25 NOV 2008 11:54:1

Chris I have been searching for a photo but have not been successful.You might try the archives of the Presbyterian church in Montreat N.C.Ann you did not mention your father's name,please do.The only two brothers of my grandmother that I knew were Anthony and John ,Anthony was an optometrist and he had three children Anthony ,Walter and Joyce Russo Adema all of whom were optometrist's.John was a member of the N.O.P.D.he had one daughter Lucille Russo Cipriano.I never met any of her sisters but did meet some of their children i.e. the Mustacchia daughters Dorothy Mertz Schafferkotter and a Lombardo who was a jeweler in San Francisco.I never did meet any of the Disimone's.That is what I know about the family,I hope it helps to fill in some of the blanks .

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