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Posted by Chris Caravella on 5 MAY 2009 17:16:33

The website is based on documentation, and for most of us, that means obituaries from the Times Picayune. A lot of mistakes are from misinterpreting vague information in obituaries. I try my best to extract information accurately. The only way to fix or fill in information is to provide more hard data. Please send scans of obituaries to me and I'll enter them into the system. Please do not send documents of a personal nature on living persons. If it's not public information, it doesn't belong at the site. I'm not even listed because, thank God, none of my closest family have died. let me know the problems and I'll make a note to look up more info on one of my research trips to the library. I've gotten pathetically slow these days, so any help you can provide will speed things up.

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