Re: Any Picolo family out there, very proud of my heritage !!!

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Posted by on 24 JUN 2014 17:22:17

Dear Mr. Tedesco, a crypt in St. Vincent de Paul #2 Cemetery on Louisa Street for my great grandfather, Angelo Rosso. The crypt subsequently became the resting place of my great grandmother Marianini Longo Rosso (in 1938) and my grandfather Valentino Rosso (in 1965). that, in order to have the right for myself and my spouse to be interred there with my family, I would need to either (A) produce the original crypt deed; or (B) prove I'm related by blood to Mr. Sidoti (who is still listed as the owner of the crypt). papers in the Sidoti family and perhaps I would be allowed to buy it or have the title transferred to me. Of course, I would cover all expenses. Also, descendants of Mr. Sidoti may know if they are possibly blood relatives of my grandfather. and learned that in 1899, Antonio Sidoti (wife, Rosalia) listed Valentino Rosso as a member of his household. Further, it appears that a Mary Longo was also listed in the Sidoti Household and that Gaetano Longo was listed as the widow of an Antonio Sidoti (married April 5, 1890). Longo was my great grandmother’s maiden name. Lewis Produce Importing Co. and that my grandfather Valentino Rosso was a salesman for J. Segari & Co. Fruit Importers, so perhaps they were friends through work and Mr. Sidoti, as a benefactor, purchased the crypt for the Rosso’s. of the stone and planned for my entire life to be buried in my family crypt. the title to my family’s crypt, I would be deeply grateful. I can be reached at and 845-651-1144. Thank you. Rosso

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