Re: General Membership Meeting w/ Pietro Bertucci

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Posted by Chris Caravella on 30 JAN 2011 18:24:36

As I reflect on our first General Membership meeting of 2011 this past Friday, I realize that what we have accomplished is impossible without the strong sense of community fostered by the CSBA. Anyone can throw a party but only an organization dedicated to our common heritage can bring together such a large, diverse group of people. With over 60 in attendance, this was one of our largest gatherings, and as at each of our meetings this past year, we saw a lot of new faces. This, of course, is our goal. Whether people visit just once or become lifetime members, the CSBA offers our community a place to meet, to learn and to gain a new appreciation of our Usticesi hertitage. guest, Pietro Bertucci, for drawing a large crowd. His internet blog, was an instant success, and he has openly greeted and aided American tourists to the island. His many new friends were eager to welcome him and his wife, Pina, to the US. Pietro brought with him a message from the mayor of Ustica, Aldo Messina, and he taught our resident singer, Johnny Paquette, the Ustica Anthem, which Johnny performed for the crowd. The Bocce Club was a great setting for the meeting and social. CSBA VP, Christopher Skinner, had a continuous loop of video clips from Ustica displayed on a large wall and there was plenty of good food to sample. Our Bocce Club hosts, Joe Bischone and Vince Liberto, introduced the game of Bocce to members. look forward to during their visit to the US. There are two gatherings scheduled in California this February so that they can meet the West Coast Usticesi community, and when they return to New Orleans, the Mardi Gras celebration will be in full swing. The CSBA will host at least two more events before they return home to Italy. can already see Pitero's photo collection at his blog,

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