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Posted by Chris Caravella, president of CSBA on 6 DEC 2011 9:28:21

Bill, your feelings about membership were at the forefront of the redesign of the CSBA in 2009. The bylaws at the membership page of the CSBA site have all the boring details. in recognition of the fact that many from outside of NO will want to contribute and participate but will not be able to take advantage of local events. The members-only changes to the website are being made for those folks - to give more value to being a member of the CSBA. Annual dues for supporting members are only $15 and with that you get full access to all features of the website. The areas of the website that have traditionally been public will remains so, but all new features will be a benefit of being a CSBA member. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to ride my soapbox. I encourage everyone to offer comments and suggestions - whether positive or negative. We have a great thing going here and we're always looking for ideas to make it lasting and more meaningful.

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